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Review some of our most frequently asked questions.

Browse our FAQ to prepare yourself for tax season so that you're able to provide all necessary information during your tax consultation with Wilburn S. Hinch, Inc.

What can I itemize?

The most common itemized deductions are:


- Medical expenses (must exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income)

- Real estate tax

- Personal property tax

- Home mortgage interest

- Charitable contributions

- Un-reimbursed work expenses

- Safe deposit box

- Tax return preparation fees

- Vehicle sales tax

- Union dues

The amount of money you have to make before it is required that you file a tax return varies. It is based on your marital status, age, and whether you're filing jointly or separately. Ask your tax professional for more information regarding filing requirements.

How much do I have to make before filing?

Standard deductions include:

    - Single taxpayer ($6,100)

    - Head of household ($8,950)

    - Married, filing jointly ($12,200)

    - Married, filing separately ($6,100)

How much do I need to itemize?

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